What Is The Cost On Radon Measurement And Radon Mitigation

What Is The Cost On Radon Measurement And Radon Mitigation

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So there is no one standard price for a radon measurement. Any homeowner can deploy a radon measurement themselves for cheaper than what a professional would charge; however, like any other service you pay for, you might not know the best possible strategy or set of steps to take. A radon measurement professional is certified, knowledgeable, and experienced.

The prices which I have seen companies charge range from $150.00, all the way up to $900.00. It all depends on the company and the device they use to measure the radon.

For example, S.A.Q. charges $150.00 for a short-term measurement using a charcoal canister or a long-term measurement using an alpha tracker. It goes up to $250.00 and then $350.00 the more sophisticated of a device we use – there are many different makes, models, and types of radon measurement devices.

Usually, when a short-term measurement is done, 2 detectors will be placed side by side, spaced a few inches apart. This is to derive a more accurate result. The technician will take the two results, add them together, and then divide them by two to get the average reading.

Our continuous radon monitor can measure temperature, humidity, and air pressure. It can even detect when someone moves it. After the measurement is complete, it will generate a report for your review. For this measurement, we charge $350.00.

Our prices were once higher than 350, but we have adjusted our prices since then. I remember talking to a home inspector one time who told me he charges $900.00 for a radon measurement. I thought that was a bit much, but he seemed okay with it. He said when the measurement period has ended he picks up the detector(s) and delivers them to the lab instead of relying on a courier to get it there. He said customers are happy to pay what he charges.

So no law or regulation is saying you need to hire a professional to measure the radon in your home; however, like any other trade, a homeowner decides to practice himself/herself, just make sure you feel very confident in what you are doing.

Now, if you or someone else has already performed a radon measurement and you now need to mitigate your home of radon because the concentration exceeds the guideline, then you will want to hire a radon mitigation technician to get it done. A certified professional will have the tools and knowledge to properly diagnose the situation and then implement the best, most efficient mitigation system. When this is done meticulously, your radon concentration will drop down 90 to 100 percent. This could cost anywhere between $2500 and $5000 depending on the size and design of the house. Whatever the cost, it’s a small price to pay for cancer-free lungs, especially if you are someone who has a lung condition or predisposition to something lung-related like cancer.

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