Most orders are shipped from Poland. We deliver anywhere in the Poland, Eropean Union and Norway, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zeland.
Packages are generally dispatched within 1 day (unless otherwise specified at product page) after receipt of payment and are shipped via UPS, FedEX, DPD, InPost Paczkomaty and Polish Post. If available we provide track&trace services.
Please note that our EU shipping locations include the following countries only:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
NOTE: The Express Couriers does not provide the items in the following places:
Spain - Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands,
Germany - Büsingen,
United Kingdom - Offshores,
Italy - Campione d'Italia, Livigno, San Marino, Vatican City.

*Polish Post shipping is uninsured. For complaint handling process you will need to have go to your postal operator.

OPEN and CHECK the condition of the parcel when you pick up consignment.

Please absolutely check the condition of the parcel and if it will be all right from the outside, please sign on the courier consignment note and open the parcel (Mailman is obligation to wait). If inside is something damaged by transport, please immediately fill damage protocol form and send it to us via email. Claims will be possible when you fill a damage form with your mailman.

Your package

Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected. Special care is taken to protect fragile objects.

Time of Delivery

Couriers typically deliver Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm (please note Saturday and Sunday are not classed as working days). A signature is requested upon delivery. If you’re not in when our couriers first try to deliver and they cannot find a safe place to leave your parcel, they will leave a card and then attempt to deliver it one or two more times over the next working days. Follow the instructions on the card left by the courier to arrange a redelivery of your order.
You must place your order before 5pm (GMT) for the same day shipping by Polish Post and for next working day delivery via UPS, FedEX, DPD.
If the item is "out of stock" or "on request" (unless otherwise specified at product page), we will advise you of an approximate delivery date at the time of order.
Very occasionally, circumstances beyond our control can delay this date. If this happens, we will keep you informed.
You should be expected downtime for customs clearance with shipment to Norway.
PL Bank holidays are not classified as delivery days, please allow an extra working day for deliveries over PL State Holidays detailed below:
1st January - New Year's Day
6th January - Three Kings
9th April - Easter Monday
1st May - Work Holiday
3rd May - Constitutions Day
27th May - Green Holiday
7th June - God Day
15th August - Polish Army Day
1st November - All Saints Day
11th November - Polish Independence Day
25th December - Christmas Day
26th December - Boxing Day


We currently offer free,except current promotions and deals, PL Delivery on orders over 300 PLN and free delivery on orders over £200 or 250€ for European countries.
Transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment.

For large furniture with overall dimensions or very fragile objects (where it should be marked as a "carefully"), we might add the appropriate fee to the standard shipment. We will inform you of this fact and the order will be performed on your acceptance of these additional costs.

Shipping costs are automatically calculated in the checkout.
You should be expected customs duty set by Norway, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zeland customs office with shipment to this country.

International Shipment

CountryGlobal Express - delivery within 2-6 days (prices in £)
Order weight (kg)0-0,50,5-11-1,51,5-2
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland8.009.5010.5012.00
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland9.0010.5012.0013.50

CountryPolish Post Letter - delivery within 3-7 days (prices in £)
Order weight (kg)0-0,50,5-1
USA, Canada5.509.50


Polish Post Parcel - delivery within 5-12 days (prices in £)

Order weight (kg)0-11-22-33-44-55-66-77-88-99-10
Czech, Slowakia888991011111212
Bulgaria, Switzerland13151719212224252728
Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Norway, Romania15182121242526272930
USA, Canada17212731363943475055
Australia, New Zeland213140495565758593100

CountryExpress Courier - delivery within 2-6 days (prices in £)
Order weight (kg)0-22-1010-20
UK, Austria, Lithuania141515
Belgium, Denmark, Latvia161616
Czech, Germany, Slovakia141414
Estonia, Netherlands161717
Finland, Slovenia, Sweden162123
Greece (continent), Ireland, Portugal, Spain192123


For delivery to islands or special parts of a country there is a surcharge. Simply find the postcode of your destination address to check whether this surcharge is applicable. If is applicable, please contact us before choosing DHL, UPS, FedEX, DPD, GLS.

CountrzZone Surcharge*Post codes
Denmark12 £3700, 3720, 3730, 3740, 3751, 3760, 3770, 3782, 3790, 4592, 5960, 5970, 5985, 6720, 7884, 8305, 8592, 9940, 9950, 9960
Estonia12 £62601, 88001 do 88005, 91217, 91301 do 91320, 92001 do 92420, 93001 do 94702, 96027, 96098
Finland24 £22100, 22101, 22120, 22130, 22140, 22150, 22160, 22220, 22240, 22270, 22271, 22310, 22320, 22330, 22340, 22410, 22411, 22430, 22520, 22530, 22550, 22610, 22630, 22710, 22720, 22730, 22810, 22820, 22830, 22840, 22910, 22920, 22930, 22940, 22950
France12 £17410, 17580, 17590, 17630, 17670, 17740, 17880, 17940, 20000 do 20999, 22870, 29242, 29253, 29259, 56360, 56590, 56780, 85330, 85350
Spain18 £07000 do 07999
Netherlands12 £1156AA do 1156ZZ, 1791AA do 1797ZZ, 8881AA do 8884ZZ, 8891AA do 8897ZZ, 8899AA do 8899ZZ, 9161AA do 9164ZZ, 9166AA do 9166ZZ
Germany12 £18565, 25845, 25846 do 25847, 25849, 25859, 25863, 25869, 25929 do 25933, 25938 do 25942, 25946 do 25949, 25952 do 25955, 25961 do 25970, 25980, 25985 do 25986, 25988 do 25990, 25992 do 25994, 25996 do 25999, 26465, 26474, 26486, 26548, 26571, 26579, 26757, 27498, 83256
Portugal24 £9500xxx do 9690xxx 9700xxx do 9950xxx 9960xxx do 9980xxx 9000xx do 9390xxx 9400xxx
Sweden18 £10005, 13025, 13033, 13034, 13036, 13038, 13039, 13042, 13043, 13055, 13056, 37022, 43080 do 43099, 45204 do 45205, 47112 do 47115, 47500 do 47599, 62000 do 62999, 74296 do 74297, 76017 do 76019, 91803
Italy18 £04020, 04027, 07000 do 09999, 25050, 30010, 30012, 30100, 30121 do 30126, 30131 do 30133, 30135, 30141, 57030 do 57039, 58010, 58012 do 58013, 58018, 71040, 80070 do 80071, 80073 do 80077, 90010, 91017, 91023, 92010, 98050, 98052, 98055

* Rates updated once a week.

Domestic Shipment (Poland)

UPSOrder amount (PLN)0-80zł80-140zł140-200zł200-300złover 300zł
Price (PLN)20,0015,0010,005,00FREE

DPDOrder amount (PLN)0-20zł20-80zł80-140zł140-200złover 200zł
Price (PLN)18,0015,0010,005,00FREE

PACZKOMATYOrder amount (PLN)0-20zł20-80zł80-140złover 140zł
Price (PLN)18,0015,0010,00FREE

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